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Anger Books

A Volcano in My Tummy

by Eliane Whitehouse and Warwick Pudney...$14,95

Take the Grrr Out of Anger

by Elizabeth Verdick and Marjorie Lisovskis...$8,95

Prescription for Anger

by Gary Hankins and Carol Hankins...$25,00

Good and Mad

by Jane Middelton-Moz, Lisa Tener, and Peaco Todd...$13,00

Drawing Together to Manage Ang

by Marge Heegaard...$9,95

Hands are Not For Hitting

by Martine Agassi...$11,95

Anger Control Workbook

by Matthew McKay and Peter Rogers...$17,95

Letting Go of Anger

by Ron Potter-Effron and Pat Potter-Effron...$16,95


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