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What On Earth Do You Do When Someone You Love Dies

by Trevor Romain...$45,00 (each)


Death is a reality that is tough for kids to grasp. This DVD is insightful, straight from the heart and is for any child who has lost a loved one, special person or pet. "Uses humor and animation to help kids understand that death is natural. Main story is fiction…straightforward and frank. Live Action Q & A section with kids is indispensable for grief counselors" - Kids First! The death of a loved one is a traumatic experience for anyone, but it is especially difficult for kids. Using gentle humor, original music and a compassionate storyline, Trevor Romain uses his own experience to pass along practical, helpful advice for kids, such as - it's OK to cry, talk about death, grieve, and go on with life. And despite the serious subject matter, kids of all ages will be enlightened and encouraged as Skye and Jack both learn how to deal with losing loved ones!


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