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Complete Educational Resource Library

A complete library for schools. Includes 42 books, 4 videos, and 2 audio programs for students and professionals.  Titles include...

Healing a Child's Heart

by Alan Wolfelt...$12,00

A Child's View of Grief

by Alan Wolfelt...$7,00

Supporting Children and Teens

by Center for Grieving Children...$8,00

Grief Comes to Class

by Centering Corporation...$6,95

Children Grieve Too

by Centering Corporation...$4,00

Class in Room 44

by Centering Corporation...$6,95

Teacher's Guide to Grieving Students

by Hospice of Lancaster County...$5,50

Keys to Helping Children

by Joy Johnson...$9,00

Children Also Grieve

by Linda Goldman...$22,95

Sibling Grief

by Medic Corporation...$1,50

Children's Grief

by Medic Corporation...$1,50

35 Ways to Help Grieving Child

by The Dougy Center...$10,00

Helping the Grieving Student

by The Dougy Center...$10,00

Helping Teens Cope with Death

by The Dougy Center...$10,00

Helping Children Cope

by The Dougy Center...$10,00

When Death Impacts Your School

by The Dougy Center...$9,95

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