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Educational Resource Library for Grades K-6

A complete library collection for schools serving grades K-6. This library collection has 17 books, an audio tape, and 2 videos for children about death and grief.  Titles include...

Healing Your Grieving Heart

by Alan Wolfelt...$12,00

How I Feel

by Alan Wolfelt...$2,00

Am I Still a Sister?

by Alicia S. Franklin...$5,00

Kids Learn About Death and Celebrating Life

by Billie Humphrey...$12,99

I Know I Made It Happen

by Centering Corporation...$7,00

A Place for Me

by Darcie D. Sims and Alicia S. Franklin...$10,00

A Place for Me

by Darcie D. Sims and Alicia S. Franklin...$5,00

Complete Book about Death for Kids

by Earl Grollman and Joy Johnson...$7,95

Help Me Say Goodbye

by Janis Silverman...$10,00

A Terrible Thing Happened

by Margaret Holmes...$9,00

When Someone Very Special Dies

by Marge Heegaard...$9,95

I Heard Your Daddy Died

by Mark Scrivani...$5,95

I Heard Your Mommy Died

by Mark Scrivani...$5,95

Tear Soup

by Pat Schweibert and Chuck DeKLyen...$20,00

We Were Gonna Have a Baby

by Pat Schweibert and Chuck DeKlyen...$8,00

After a Death

by The Dougy Center...$12,95

After Suicide

by The Dougy Center...$13,00

After Murder

by The Dougy Center...$13,00

What On Earth Do You Do When Someone You Love Dies

by Trevor Romain...$45,00

The Next Place

by Warren Hanson...$17,00

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