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Lost someone or something? Are you looking for information about grief and how to cope? Do you wish you could find just the “right book” that will help you understand the journey you are on? Do you want an audiotape or videotape that will soothe your hurting spirit or encourage you?

Do you need a sympathy card that really understands grief and says just the “right” words to help heal a broken heart? Do you need an idea about what to say or what to send to someone who is experiencing grief?

The Grief Store is THE RIGHT PLACE for you! Now you can “shop” at the Grief Store, and be assured that the books, tapes, cards and memorial products you find are the “best of the best” in the death care industry! The Grief Store is filled with special books, audio and video tape programs, sympathy cards and many items that will help you create a special memorial for your loved one or to send to someone else who is grieving.

Founded by Darcie and Robert (Tony) Sims, of Grief Inc., The Grief Store is a new concept in both the death care and mental health industries. Darcie and Tony, bereaved parents and children, understand the needs of the bereaved. Professionals in the field of grief support and counseling for more than 20 years, they have researched many grief support products and selected the very best for you.

These products have been specifically selected to promote healing, teach about grief and provide support for the bereaved. The Grief Store gives you the ability to find the right resource, quickly and easily, online or in person.

To contact the Grief Store, please e-mail us at, or call (253) 929-0649 or toll free (888) 564-6018.

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